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Circles of West Georgia

Changing Lives and Ending Poverty in Carroll County

Our Designer Show House began with a small committee who had some big ideas and a desire to benefit an amazing project in our community.  In 2016, the committee launched its inaugural Circles Designer Show House featuring a home newly constructed by Arbor Design Group (Judy & Cory Lord), and a team of West Georgia's most talented artists, designers, retailers, and home decor experts to work their creative magic in our space.  In 2017, we hosted our second annual Circles Designer Show House presented by Georgia West Realty and featured the newly-renovated home of Dr. & Mrs. William Calhoun in the Heritage Hills subdivision. We're excited to present THREE homes this 2018 year on Carrollton's Historical Dixie Street.

But what is it all for? The Circles Designer Show House is a support and awareness project for an exciting initiative that will have lasting implications for our community. Circles of West Georgia is an innovative, community-driven way to affect poverty. Circles' mission is to inspire and equip families and communities to thrive and work their way out of poverty. 

How Does Circles Work? What Is A Circle?

A Circle is a supportive, intentional, reciprocal, befriending relationship made up of one Circle Leader, who is a person living in poverty, and two Circle Allies, who are volunteers willing to  build supportive relationships that help people achieve their goals. Weekly community meetings provide Circle Leaders and their Allies with educational information, information on positive lifestyle changes, family dynamics, and ways and opportunities for them to offer something back to their community. Circles program participants see life-changing results. Circles teaches self-sufficiency as it builds positive behavior and relationships. Circles' success can reach beyond the Circle Leaders and their families. It can address generational poverty as children observe new behaviors and lifetyles. If a family learns a different way to live, this cycle can be broken. 

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